Tucson opens applications for event and workforce development grant

The City of Tucson is taking applications for a grant that funds events and nonprofit workforce development. The grant will have extra money to award this year due to an infusion of cash from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Tucson Director of Economic Initiatives Barbra Coffee said the workforce development portion of the grant could help organizations that have been struggling to hire over the last few months.

“We love to see where there are skills gaps in our community that we try to meet them with a program like this,” Coffee said. “For example, computer occupations, IT skills — they’re always needed across all industry sectors.”

The grant started in 2012 and runs in two-year cycles. The city normally has $600,000 to award over that span of time, but will have an extra $150,000 from the federal government this round.

Startup Tucson, Goodwill and the YWCA have all benefited from the grant in the past for workforce development. El Tour and the Festival of Books have also received funds through it.

Applications are due April 15th, and the city will hold an informational meeting on February 10th.


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