Tucson Opinion: Finchem’s donors are part of the Local Editorials and Opinions Problem

What about Michael Kasser, whose family name now adorns the Kasser Family Wing of Latin American Art at the Tucson Museum of Art? He donated $ 1,000 to Finchem. Has this money been spent on attorney Finchem, who is needed on “threats of prosecution”?

We know that HSL Properties’ Humberto Lopez has made a significant contribution to his reputation recently by making large philanthropic donations to help Tucson’s homeless people. However, as a board member of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, his legacy is tarnished by his donation to Pinnacle West PAC, which Finchem donated $ 3,000.

Finchem’s top funder is Earl Kendrick, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Together with his wife Randy, the Kendricks donated over $ 10,000 to Finchem between 2019 and 2020. Oddly enough, they did so despite the fact that Randy had donated money four years earlier “to fund Republican opponents of Donald Trump and a political action committee that Trump wanted to portray as ruthless ahead of the 2016 primary election”. If you thought Trump was inconsiderate four years ago, what now? Why did they give money to Finchem who was trying to use violent means to keep Trump in power?

Finchem’s obsession with conspiracy theories would be almost ridiculous if it weren’t for the clear and present danger they pose. From his early claims that Barack Obama attempted to establish a “totalitarian dictatorship” to his endless repetition of Trump’s baseless electoral fraud lie, Finchem is an acolyte in the conspiracy cult.


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