Tucson Opinion: Let’s make Tucson a welcoming place for everyone | Local editorials and opinion

The following is the author’s opinion and analysis:

Maybe I’m naive, but I thought Tucson was a fairly tolerant community that respected our differences. Until recently, anti-Semitic activities were directed against two local synagogues.

I assume that whoever targeted these Jewish places of worship did so out of their own frustration with something, but vandalism (which may lead to violence) doesn’t solve anything.

We are all “other”. I am Jewish and white, but you can be a black male Muslim or a Latina or a gay person or someone who has not one identity but several. I may not be walking in your shoes, but I am trying to have compassion for you.

Growing up in Tucson and attending public schools, I had the opportunity to see “others” only as fellow human beings.

There were times when I was “the other”, such as when my teachers in elementary school asked me to be a lone Jew on the Hanukkah bulletin board instead of asking or instructing students of other faiths to do something over the holidays experienced by helping me or when my parents and I had to fight with the school administration many times to allow me to be excused absences on the Jewish holidays (sometimes unsuccessful)

In the Jewish religion there is a concept called “tikkun olam”, which loosely translated means “repairing the world” and is the practice of striving for social change through justice and kindness – not just towards fellow Jews but towards society as a whole.


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