Tucson Opinion: Ode to attorney Ann-Eve Pedersen, who died on May 28th | Local editorials and opinion

The following is the author’s opinion and analysis:

We don’t have many heroes in life. Ann-Eve Pedersen was one of me, and her loss is a severe blow to our community. Nobody can fill in the footsteps of this amazing woman.

I met Ann-Eve when I started teaching at Sam Hughes Elementary, and her son was in my class. The meet-the-teacher day was a bit intense with some parents. Then came Ann-Eve: she immediately established herself as an ally, lawyer, and friend, and remained so for nearly a decade since her son graduated from school.

Ann-Eve was a key member of the Most Incredible PTA. She worked with other parents to support the school in ways that stunned the mind. One of our teachers was due to be fired for budget cuts: Ann-Eve helped run the door-to-door prosecution to raise funds until the funds were in place to cover the teacher’s salary for a year.

She and her dear friend Amy ran Hughes’ tax break for years, enabling our students to benefit from chess, sports, music classes, and academic support programs. Our school does not receive Title 1 money, so we owe it to her and other dedicated parents for organizing fundraisers that made it possible for us to share computers for the students.

(The June 6 Arizona Daily Star obituary described Ann-Eve’s stellar two-decade career as a reporter, then editor, tireless service in the social justice arena, and as an advocate for education in Arizona in the April 6 issue. June. Even frequent political opponents like Governor Doug Ducey and competing reporters have been impressed with their intelligence, work ethic and courage. Please check the article if you missed it.)


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