Tucson Opinion: Why is Arizona Attorney General Stopping Inexpensive Pet Vaccinations? | Local editorials and opinion

The following is the author’s opinion and analysis:

Why is the state of Arizona getting in the way of inexpensive vaccination and microchip clinics for our pets?

That is the question that needs to be asked after the Arizona Attorney General’s Office recently made extraordinary efforts to shut down a local facility.

After losing our beloved dog Trebek, we spent time volunteering with a nonprofit dog rescue organization, Pathways for Paws, that rescues dogs from killing homes, owners, and dogs in need. All dogs at Pathways for Paws are spayed / neutered, chipped and vaccinated before they find their families forever. They also have inexpensive vaccination and microchip clinics.

There are other nonprofit rescue organizations offering similar services across Tucson and surrounding cities.

Recently, Pathways for Paws received a call from the Veterinary Medical Examination Board. Someone on the board had seen one of the flyers for the clinics and told them that if they didn’t have a vet giving the vaccines they would have to shut down.

No more inexpensive vaccines or microchips.

I contacted the Veterinary Medical Board for an explanation; but received a call from the prosecutor instead. They admitted the panel had no power to stop the microchip process, but said they should only be vaccinated by a veterinarian.


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