Tucson performance venues open to the public with new COVID-19 protocols

Live performances are back. Tucson venues host live events, but only on condition that they are fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the show.

On Monday, September 20, Tucson venues such as the Rialto Theater, Fox Tucson Theater, 191 Toole, Hotel Congress, and Sea of ​​Glass – Center For The Arts are implementing these new protocols to help contain COVID-19.

Additionally, these companies require customers to wear a mask when attending shows, as well as staff and volunteers who are in contact with the public.

When COVID-19 restrictions on allowing large group gatherings were relaxed, community members sought to be the first to attend live events again.


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Cathy Rivers, General Manager of the Rialto Theater, works hard with all departments of the theater to adhere to safety protocols and to ensure that all attendees to her personal shows stay healthy.

“We have to test regularly and we have to check ourselves because we have to take care of our hearts, with food, live music, art, and we have to live again after huddled for a year and a half,” said Rivers.

In addition to these additional requirements, the Rialto also installed new heating, ventilation and air conditioning to ensure cleaner air quality.

This system circulates the air from the outside so that fresh air can still be filtered through the theater. It supports a clean environment for the audience.

These new rates are being placed not only to protect the public, but also to ensure that personal shows remain open to the public in the future.

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Being in an enclosed space and interacting with strangers who share common interests can create natural bonds between individuals that can’t be made behind screens or through online platforms, Rivers said.

“You can listen to music on Spotify and other apps, but being in a room where you can listen to it together is an experience and so important to our mental and physical health,” said Rivers.

After being closed to the public for over 500 days, Larry Gaurano, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Fox Tucson Theater, hopes he hopes the events will stay open to the community with the new protocols.

“Our top priority is that our guests, the artists and our staff are all safe so we can keep the music live,” said Gaurano.

Bonnie Schock, executive director of the Fox Tucson Theater, said she understands that some customers disagree with this new level of admission procedures, but believes these changes are critical in laying a foundation for the continued operation of Fox Tucson.

“Our goal is to keep our mission alive and do shows that can bring joy and great experiences to everyone,” said Schock.

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These companies operate on the basis of creating a safe and accessible space for the public. Schock said she believes that music and performance is something that gives people the opportunity to connect with others.

“We are so regularly separated by screens and devices as well as political rifts that it is becoming more and more critical and meaningful for us to purposely come together to do things we love,” said Schock.

The Rialto Theater, Fox Tucson Theater, 191 Toole, Hotel Congress, and Sea of ​​Glass – Center For The Arts continue to provide a safe environment for the community and keep hoping for the latest recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Ongoing the positive atmosphere that live events bring to the city of Tucson.

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