Tucson, Pima Co. join forces to increase staff

TUCSON, Ariz (KGUN) – Looking for a job? City and county governments are looking for people like you. You have many positions to fill.

There has been a lot of talk about the great resignation where people just quit their jobs. Pima County and the City of Tucson are hoping for a great application to fill many open positions.

The city and district just held a joint job fair. A significant number of job seekers came in to see if government work might appeal to them.

Michael Bland is looking for opportunities. He says: “Actually, I would say that I am an expert in customer service contacts. I’m very good at matching people with goods and services they need or want, like a business or a business person, that sort of thing.”

Most discussions of government job opportunities have focused on law enforcement and firefighters, but city and county agencies are understaffed across the board, says Dustin Green, Pima County human resources director, that can affect your day-to-day life.

“We make sure that the traffic lights work. We make sure the water is clean. We ensure county health is taken care of; public safety, the courts, everything we do will be vital to the district. So if you really want to contribute to the district, you should come here and see if you can get a job with us.”

The county’s human resources chief says the county has at least 250 positions to fill a wide range of specialties. He says relatively few vacancies are from workers fired for rejecting COVID vaccines. Most come from a hot job market that lures workers to other employers. The county has increased wages and benefits to be competitive.

See this link for jobs in Pima County and this link for jobs in the city of Tucson.




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