Tucson preschools test out new testing schedule for COVID-19 | Coronavirus

TUCSON (KVOA) – Local preschools are on a new testing schedule for COVID-19. Staff, students, and parents can take advantage of it.

Embry Health is teaming up with preschools all across southern Arizona to give them weekly COVID-19 testing.

Child Parent Centers is a Head Start organization with 40 schools in southern Arizona.

Once a week, Embry Health will be giving nasal swab tests to staff, students, and parents.

One of those schools is Head Start Homer Davis in Tucson near Wetmore and Romero roads.

Monday morning, teachers got their tests done.

“The staff from Embry Health comes Monday morning from 8 to 9:30 am,” Leslie Rodriguez, site supervisor of Homer Davis Head Start said. “They set up their booth and they provide all the necessary items such as the testing kits, the booth.”

“If we don’t have a method to determine if they have COVID, then we cancel class for the ten day period,” Kathy Sutherland, chief operations officer of Child Parent Centers said. “So this has been really helpful. It will help mitigate having to close class because we can learn very quickly if someone has COVID.”

This testing will go on as long as school officials feel that it is necessary.

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