Tucson ranks 2nd among the most affordable cities in the country for minimum wage earners

(Facebook photo / City of Tucson, Arizona)

PHOENIX – Tucson has been ranked as one of the most affordable major cities in the country for those on a minimum wage.

WalletHub analyzed the 75 most populous cities in the United States and ranked each according to the number of hours it would take a tenant to afford the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment while meeting a minimum wage.

The study found that it would take 57.4 monthly man hours at the state’s gross minimum wage ($ 12.15) to pay the average rent of $ 697.

Bakersfield, California turned out to be the cheapest for low-income earners, helped by the city’s $ 14 minimum wage, though the rent is higher than Tucson at $ 733.

Tucson’s average gross monthly rent ranked third in the top 10 cities, behind Detriot, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio.

Phoenix was also among the more affordable major cities in the country for those on a minimum wage, finishing in 14th place.

The average monthly rent in Arizona’s most populous city – the fifth most populous in the country – is much higher than Tucson at $ 924 and would require 76 months of gross minimum wage to afford the rent.

Mesa was just behind Phoenix in 17th place with an average monthly rent of $ 982, which would take about 80 man hours to afford a minimum wage rent.

According to the study, the least affordable city in the country for minimum wage earners was Atlanta, Georgia.

While it’s not the most expensive monthly rent on the list ($ 1,283), the state minimum wage is only $ 7.25, which would force minimum wage earners to work 177 hours a month in order to afford the rent can.

San Francisco’s median rent is the highest among the country’s most populous cities at just over $ 2,000, but the city’s minimum wage is $ 16.07 an hour.

The site’s ranking was based only on how many hours of work it would take to afford the minimum wage rent, excluding additional expenses, cost of living, and quality of life in the rankings.

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