Tucson Sugar Skulls hold Northern Arizona triple overtime to keep post-season hopes alive | Arizona Wildcats Soccer

“Time you have the ball affects every game you play,” Murphy said. “At the beginning of the game the drives were a little longer and then as the game wore out we took a couple of shots and it started to accelerate.”

The Wranglers started the fourth quarter with a Reed touchdown pass to Todd Athey and took a 31:23 lead.

The Sugar Skulls prevented a near-disaster when Murphy was fired by Eric Sadler in the Tucson end zone, but the game was decided at half-yard line rather than safety. Jones scored his second touchdown of the game – and converted the two-point conversion – to tie the game at 31.

Northern Arizona managed a nearly five-minute drive to kick an 18-yard field to take a 34-31 lead 28 seconds before the end of the game, but Augustine returned the following kickoff to the Wranglers’ 17-yard line.

Tucson failed to score a game-winning touchdown at the two-yard line, resulting in a Goessling field goal to send the competition into overtime.

To begin overtime, Jones burst 18 yards to the two-yard line and set up a Murphy pass to Jazeric Peterson in the back of the end zone, but Goessling missed the point after the kick, leaving the window open to Northern Arizona .

Terrance Bynum of the Wranglers grabbed a 12-yard pass to begin overtime. Then, in third place, Bynum caught a seven-yard touchdown pass to set the field goal unit for victory, but the kick from kicker Brandon Fischer was blocked, sending the game into further overtime.


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