Tucson transit tariffs suspended for 2021, says Mayor

TUCSON, AZ – In order to continue to support Tucsonans in dire straits, Mayor Regina Romero and the council unanimously voted Tuesday to suspend transit prices until the end of the year.

According to the mayor, the city received funds for local public transport as part of the latest federal aid package to offset the costs.

“I would like to thank our congress delegation for the support of local public transport. In order for our transport system to really be called ‘public’ transport, it must be accessible to everyone,” said the mayor on Twitter.

My thanks go to our congress delegation for supporting local public transport. In order for our transit system to really be called “public” transit, it must be accessible to everyone.
– Regina Romero (@TucsonRomero) February 9, 2021

Tucson’s SunTran buses and SunLink trams will continue to offer free rides through December 2021.

This marks the second time transit fees have been waived for Tucson residents. They were also lifted until the end of last year.

All passengers must wear a face cover or mask to travel on Sun Tran, Sun Link and Sun Van, as well as in transit centers.

This does not apply to children under the age of five or to people who are unable to wear a face covering due to an illness, mental illness or developmental disorder or who cannot remove face covering without assistance.

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