Tucson water expert weighs in on looming crisis

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – This monsoon season has been a good one for Arizona.

But, even with all the rain and an ongoing water crisis, many still have questions. Cities are being told to conserve water, and others saying this is just the beginning.

“You just can’t sugar coat this problem anymore.” He also added “Arizona is no longer in a drought, but a shortage,” Mark Taylor with the Central Arizona Project said.

Right now in Tucson there’s sufficient water stored underground. However, we have to remember that water needs to last us a lifetime. And eventually, that too could run out.

And while Tucson is in decent shape, others in Arizona can’t say the same. Taylor said this is not short-term shortage and changes need to be made now.

“I think this is the new norm. We do have the lowest priority on the Colorado River,” he said.

Lisa Nutt with the Tucson Association of Realtors shared she’s already seeing some people taking this matter into their own hands calling her millennial customers more “environmentally aware.”

She added that she’s noticed her clients wanting more environmentally friendly homes.

“Even when someone is interested in buying a home. They might be interested in knowing if the home is already doing its part to use less water,” she shared.

Nutt said she’s even getting calls from out of state buyers wondering just how big this problem is and if people should be concerned.

Taylor said that if water usage doesn’t change in Southern Arizona we would have to go back to ground and well water usage. He shared this could be a very big possibility if we keep using water at this rate.


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