Tucson’s largest school district reopening all locations after the spring break, Local News

But the decision on when schools to open rests ultimately with Superintendent Gabriel Trujillo, as the board of directors decided last year to give him authority to open or close schools due to the pandemic. He would make this decision in consultation with the board.

“I hear loud and clear that there is a desire to open up,” said Trujillo after a long discussion by the board members on Tuesday evening.

The post-spring break opening will begin at the beginning of the fourth quarter and will hopefully give all K-12 employees time to get at least the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. TUSD does not require staff to be vaccinated.

The new personal plan includes five full-time school days on campus for preschools, elementary schools, and K-8 schools. TUSD offers four half days on campus for middle and high schools. There will still be a 100% completely removed option for all grade levels.

TUSD sent out two parenting surveys last week. One went to preschool through third and sixth grades, the other in ninth through twelfth grades. Only certain grades were interviewed as the district was initially considering a staggered return, with those grades returning to campus before others, although it ultimately rejected the idea.

The survey of primary parents received nearly 7,500 respondents. More than 50% said they wanted to stay completely remote, nearly 36% said they wanted to work full-time on campus, and the rest of the families chose one of two hybrid options in the survey, where kids only have one would have limited time on campus.


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