Ukrainian refugees reunite with family in Tucson after escaping Russian war | news

TUCSON (KVOA) – Sitting at their daughter and son-in-law’s kitchen table in Tucson, Nickolai and Ludmilla Mandryka reflect on the past month.

“Tucson, very, very good,” Nickolai said. “No war, no bombs, no rockets, no Putin.”

This couple left their home in Mariupol on Feb. 24, the day the Russians invaded, escaping their country to stay alive.

Ludmilla was a doctor in Mariupol.

“What can I say?” she said.

The refugees got off a plane at Sky Harbor Thursday and hugged their loved ones.

Tucson is now home and their son-in-law, Billy Stokes, could not be more grateful.

“Everything, it means everything to me because we have a long relationship with Nic and Luda,” Stokes said. “I mean, they’re our parents.”

Nickolai and Ludmilla are safe. However, they still have relatives in Ukraine and they have not been able to reach them.

“My family, brother and sister, brother in Mariupol, no communication,” Nickolai said.

They are beginning to adjust to the sunshine, the mountains and the new house along with the comfort of being with family.

They feel lucky to have escaped the nightmare at home to find safety here in the United States.

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