Unable to open the website’s help page for motorists, Pune News

Pune: Autorickshaw unions and permit holders said Sunday the website link set up by the state Department of Transportation for financial relief is not working and many motorists are unable to register online.
“The Rickshaw Panchayat has set up 12 PMC and PCMC moderation centers to help autorickshaw drivers register for financial assistance through the link. We tried many times but there is a bug. It seems that the system is flawed, ”said Nitin Pawar, chairman of Rickshaw Panchayat, the largest auto rickshaw union in Pune.
The portal, where drivers could register to claim Rs 1,500, launched on Saturday.
“The Apply for a Schema tab takes you to another page that does not open and the page states that the site is inaccessible. Under these circumstances, we do not feel that an auto rickshaw driver could register. It’s aggravating when you consider that the state government has already postponed the plan for more than a month, ”said Shrikant Acharya, President of Aam Aadmi Rickshaw Chalak Sanghatna.
The state plans to distribute Rs 107 crore to around 7.15 lakh autorickshaw license holders in the state. Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad almost have a lakh permit holder.
Pune’s deputy RTO Sanjay Sasane said the server had slowed down. “The response was good, but around 12.30 p.m. we were told that the server was slow. We will see if the problem persists, ”he said. The site did not open at 5:30 p.m. either.
Sources in the transportation department said a large number of auto rickshaw drivers had registered, which may have impacted the servers and worked to resolve the issue. “The online system should not have been introduced because many drivers do not know how to use the computer or the Internet. This is a hassle when we are already facing financial problems, ”said one driver


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