United Airlines to Suspend Service at Flagstaff Airport

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United Airlines has announced plans to suspend service at Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and will review after six months. United Airlines currently provides direct service to and from Denver, Colorado, and will continue service through the end of October 2022.

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“We are disappointed to hear that United Airlines has plans to suspend service in and out of Flagstaff,” said Barney Helmick, Flagstaff Pulliam Airport Director. “Unfortunately, the airline industry is seeing service reductions nationwide due to increasing fuel prices and staffing issues. United flights out of Flagstaff are at 90% load capacity, meaning 90% of the seats are filled which is viewed as very successful in the commercial airline industry. We will continue to stay in contact with United during 2022 in hopes we can re-establish service in 2023.”

“Flagstaff Pulliam Airport has been a strong partner with United Airlines since early 2018 and City staff have worked incredibly hard to welcome them to our airport as well as market them. The load percentages are incredible, but we can’t control pilot, crew, plane shortages, or on-time issues that are happening nationwide,” said Heidi Hansen, Interim Deputy City Manager.

The Flagstaff Airport continues to see high traffic volume, with 105,000 passengers flying in and out of Flagstaff in the past year.

American Airlines continues to offer daily service from Flagstaff to Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

For additional information please contact Claire Harper, Airport Communications Manager at [email protected]

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