United Way of Tucson provides resources to implement reachable life changes

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A new year means new beginnings. But new beginnings can oftentimes seem unrealistic or out of reach.

That’s why the non-profit United Way of Tucson makes those new beginnings or new goals just one click away.

“Our job at united way is to really connect people and resources,” said Melissa D’Auria, vice president of communications at United Way of Tucson.

The mission at United Way works to build a thriving community by connecting people, resources, and ideas. They do this through partnering with over 80 local non-profit organizations that are able to work together to serve the specific needs of those seeking help.

“What’s great about our community is that there is really something for everybody. We really cover the life spectrums and there is a place for you,” said D’Auria.

This organization works to provide the necessary steps and resources for those looking for high-quality education, financial wellness, or health and wellness backing.

“Just because of the zip code that someone was born in, they don’t have the same opportunities for a high-quality education, financial wellness support, or even resources to receive proper healthcare,” D’Auria explained.

In the last year alone, United Way was able to serve over 250 Tucsonans who sought help.

United Way of Tucson

“Recently there was a family that we were helping to support. We have a program called our Family Support Program and families can reach out to receive education and resources to help them raise their young children and they have just made such incredible strides. I mean These are parents that are working 2/3 jobs just to get by. It’s not for the lack of them not working hard to provide for their family. But just because of the situation they found themselves in, they needed that extra support,” she said.

Volunteering is the core of the United Way. This non-profit relies on volunteers to donate time, talent, or financial funding.

For further information on the resources provided or if you are looking to volunteer, you can visit unitedwaytucson.org

Breanna Isbell is a reporter for KGUN 9. She joined the KGUN 9 team in July of 2022 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in sports journalism from Arizona State University in May. Share your story ideas with Breanna by emailing [email protected] or by connecting on Facebook, or Twitter.


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