Unreleased ‘Coverdale Page’ songs could come

While the duo’s union, brokered by Geffen Records’ John Kalodner, was making a lot of noise at the time, there was always a feeling that they were not reaching their potential without a follow-up or an extensive tour. Coverdale blames the shifts within the label. “Geffen went through a transition,” he recalls. “We did very well, but it was a big disappointment that Geffen’s new faces were no longer behind it.

“I remember sitting on the roof of the hotel with Jimmy, where we were doing advertising, and this young woman in charge of the videos – and you know how successful we were with (Whitesnake) videos … I’ve been talking about ideas and this, this and the other. Here are two men who together sold about half a billion records and this woman just leans over and pat me condescendingly on my knee and says, “Things have has changed since you’ve been on MTV, David, ‘and I’ll say, “I’m still on MTV!” So that was a hint. “

Besides Coverdale-Page, the singer also has “some ideas” for Whitesnake, whose last album, Flesh & Blood, came out in 2019. A 1997 remake of Restless Heart is available for later that year, and Coverdale notes that “I have two Christmas carols – I need to deliver by July to get them out by Christmas. How festive!”

However, Coverdale enjoyed grouping Whitesnake’s catalog into the Red, White and Blues collections, which started with The Rock Album (white) last spring and Love Songs (red) this fall. “There’s a lot of work to be proud of,” he says. “The music got up, but a lot of my work didn’t get up sonically. My goal was to be able to put together a Whitesnake mixtape that I could enjoy and that wouldn’t get distracted, like, ‘Oh, that sounds muddy.’ That was a big deal for me, when we did this we took off the whole … echo, that 80’s reverb, and I took off all the ringing keyboards because that bothered me. I describe it as absolutely the same house of Whitesnake, but with a fresh coat of paint and the rearranged furniture. “

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