UPDATE: 3-year-old Westyn Tudor from Yuma: “I’m going home”

Fire victims released four months ago after an accident

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – Westyn Tudor was officially discharged from the Valleywise Arizona Burn Center (VABC) on Friday March 5th after accidentally falling into a fire pit last November.

Westyn Tudor days after hospitalization

Currently three years old, Westyn was only two at the time of the fall, which resulted in a third of his body sustaining third degree burns.

“It’s kind of emotional, you know, because we’ve been here four months,” says Westyn’s mother, Amy Green. “So we have become a family with all of our employees.”

Due to the severity of the burns, Westyn has to return regularly for outpatient appointments and follow-up visits to his burn sites.

Green recalls, “The first few months were very scary, especially the first twenty days when we almost lost him a couple of times.”

Amy Green, mother of Westyn Tudor

Those tragic memories have slowly but surely turned back into happy moments.

“As he progressed and got better … see him talk and go and become Westyn again. He’s himself. He’s not another kid. He’s still Westyn,” Green said.

The hospital staff got very close to the toddler. Burn therapist Andrea Martinez admitted: “I’m losing my best friend today. I don’t know what I’ll do without him.”

Andrea Martinez and Louis Ferrari

Westyn’s tenacity and individuality are highlighted as keys to his recovery.

“I think the special part of his trip is Westyn himself,” emphasized burn surgeon Louis Ferrari. “He’s a very resilient young man. He has a great little mindset and he takes a lot … the central part of his recovery is his, his innate self is very strong and very happy overall.

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