Utah Decriminalizes Polygamy – Will Kody Brown Retire?

Kody Brown heard Utah decriminalize polygamy, and now Christine Brown wants to go back there. In the current season of Sister Wives, women seem very unhappy. So Christine complains that she just wants to go back. It’s not the first time the family has spoken about the possibility. It seems they might be breaking the law in Flagstaff. While not yet being prosecuted, they appear to live in Arizona with concerns that one day they may be.

Kody Brown returning to Utah despite previous polygamy issues?

In 2019, sisterhood fans heard Kody announce that he was returning to Utah and running for office. Remember, he set up his whiteboard and went into it at length. Well, Mariah seemed unfazed by his ambitions. And that could be because the family was persecuted a bit there. Plus, Janelle seemed excited about Utah in early 2020 when Utah decriminalized polygamy to some extent. So it looks like at least three people in the family of five adults won’t mind returning.

Christine Brown lives in a beautiful house in Flagstaff. But the teasers for the show indicated that she seems very unhappy there. And Janelle Brown said that nothing had been like family since arriving in Flagstaff. When you got there, you might remembered neighbors complaining that Meri lived in their neighborhood. So she found another home. Kody Brown didn’t make a big scene out of it. Understandably likely because polygamy is illegal in Arizona.

Could the Flagstaff family be prosecuted and even jailed?

In fact, polygamy is illegal in most states. Good Housekeeping reported speaking to “Flynn Carey,” an Arizona attorney. He pointed out that “Arizona’s polygamy laws could affect the Brown family.” The attorney indicated that “the Brown family could potentially be charged with bigamy”. And you cannot “marry someone else’s spouse”. Apparently “both offenses are class 5 crimes”. That could result in Kody Brown facing jail time and fines.

In early 2020, the laws in Utah changed. Janelle shared how excited she was. It was a reaction to the Darger family who sounded happy too. Janelle said on Twitter: “This is absolutely wonderful!” The Darger family said, “We are no longer viewed as criminals, we cannot be fired or refused or treated with bigotry, and we are criminals used as excuses.” Kody Brown and his family from Sister Wives could seriously consider moving.

This is absolutely wonderful! https://t.co/wArq1ZPRbN

– Janelle Brown (@ JanelleBrown117) February 26, 2020

TLC fans who watch the show know they moved to Nevada and then moved to Flagstaff. Their nomadic lifestyle seems to put a heavy strain on their relationships. Law enforcement threats remain virtually everywhere Kody Brown lives. With families often agreeing on something the majority wants, the vote could lead to a return to Utah, the state they first called at home.

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