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Published: 09/28/2021 9:17:13 PM

Modified: 09/28/2021 9:17:15 PM

SHARON – The Sharon Academy’s boys’ soccer team went into their home game against Rivendell on Tuesday with a clear plan.

Sharon’s head coach Blake Fabrikant knew that Bruchtal’s last game against White River Valley on Saturday ended 1-1 after the Raptors dismantled the Wildcats 8-0 at the start of the season. He knew that Bruchtal’s players could be in difficult head spaces and tried to take advantage of that.

The Phoenix opened the match aggressively and it worked. Sharon pulled away early and held on for a 4-1 win.

“We hadn’t played in a while, we’re rested, we were ready to go. So we tried to meet her early, ”said the manufacturer. “We have the speed above. We were just trying to pass the ball and take our chances, and when we have chances we usually end them. ”

Sharon (5-1-0) opened the goal five minutes into the game when junior midfielder Jack Lloyd cleared a cross from senior striker Riley Eastman and hit the goalkeeper’s right.

Problems for Rivendell (5-3-1) worsened five minutes later when newcomer Will Knowles fouled Sharon’s senior midfielder Ever Tofel in the penalty area and the Phoenix missed a penalty. Tofel stepped forward to the penalty spot and doubled his team’s lead with a low shot to the right of the keeper.

“I choose my place before I take a picture,” said Tofel. “I knew I wanted to put it on the right side. The main priority is simply to stop at the goal, because you have the advantage over the goalkeeper. You should be able to score. ”

From there, the raptors have settled into the game. Rivendell created many chances to score, but could not convert. The 2-0 lasted until halftime.

That push continued into the second half, but Sharon’s defense remained strong. The Phoenix scored the 3-0 in the 53rd minute when Tofel played a through pass to Eastman, who came under pressure from two defenders.

One goal and one support performance has become the standard for Tofel. He has scored at least one goal and one assistant in each of Sharon’s five wins, and he now has six goals and nine assists this season.

He’s right in the middle of almost everything Sharon does on the field.

“Ever is the glue for us,” said manufacturer.

“It’s funny; people say box-to-box midfielder,” but I literally saw him score a goal on the line at one end and then clear the ball at the other end. So he really goes through and through for us. ”

Sharon scored his fourth goal 10 minutes later when Eastman scored his second goal of the afternoon. Senior defender Jaxon Nichols provided the template.

The brace gave Eastman 14 goals in the season and the opener assist brings him 11 assists.

Like Tofel, he is one of Sharon’s most important players.

“Riley is something like the twinkle that he gets the ball and it snakes in and out and through people,” said manufacturer. “His spatial imagination is incredible.”

Rivendell did not stop fighting and scored a goal in the 72nd minute. Senior Raptors Kyle Carter gave Lloyd a nimble pull and fired a laser into the top left corner of the gate.

Fabrikant was particularly pleased with the defensive performance of his team after taking the lead. He said it was the most organized defense of the season, and he attributed strong performances to Nichols and junior Caleb Benjamin.

He likes how his team pays mid-season.

“I think we still have a lot to do in terms of capabilities, positioning and space, but that was huge for us,” said Fabrikant. “Rivendell is a strong team and that was a pretty comfortable result and it’s a big turning point for us.

“I’m pretty confident of going forward. I like where we are. I think we can continue to improve, but we’re in the middle of it right now, so I’m happy. ”

Both teams will be back in action on Thursday. Rivendell will return home to face Leland & Gray, and Sharon sets out to take on West Rutland.

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