Viewers will get in on the action at this hypnosis show in Tucson | entertainment

Before the pandemic broke out in March 2020, Michael DeSchalit had a regular show in Vegas, his home for the past three years. He’s bringing the show to Tucson on September 4th.

Back in June, Tucson-born and raised magician / hypnotist Michael C. DeSchalit gave his first hometown show after the pandemic.

It was a minor affair for the senior year of Marana High School. DeSchalit, who has lived in Vegas for three years, entertained the graduates on the graduation night.

On Saturday, September 4th, he will be back to entertain her parents’ generation.

DeSchalit is doing an uncensored show at the Unscrewed Theater. He brings his popular “The Hypno Zone Show” to the East Speedway improvisation theater for one evening, where the audience becomes a show.

“People are so hungry for entertainment. They want out, ”DeSchalit said from his Vegas home last month.

Spectators must wear face masks and those accompanying DeSchalit on stage will be provided with face protection. This way, her friends and other viewers can see her facial expressions while DeSchalit rocks her into an altered dimension that leads her to obey his commands.

No, he does not allow anyone to be humiliating or to violate their morals. And no, it is not going to help you quit smoking, lose weight, or be a nicer person.

He’s saving that for his hypnotherapy practice, which he and his wife moved to Las Vegas three years ago.


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