Visitors enjoy winter wonderland in Flagstaff

A true winter wonderland in the high country had many taking advantage of the snowfall.

While it was below freezing for most of the day, visitors ABC15 talked to didn’t seem to care.

Aida Magallon-Torres and her family were among those who didn’t waste any time.

Magallon-Torres and her family tell ABC15 they got out of the car and touched the snow the first moment they could.

“It’s a very beautiful experience,” she added.

Magallon-Torres and her sister Magaly are visiting from Michoacan, Mexico.

Her aunt and uncle are from California, “It’s worth coming out,” Magallon-Torres told ABC15.

Though they weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the fresh powder

“It’s our first time in Flagstaff since we’re brand new to this area,” said Katie Heilshorn.

Katie Heilshorn and her family are from Chandler and didn’t expect it to be this cold.

“We were not prepared for the weather. We had to buy gloves, whatever, to survive,” said Heilshorn.

Her little boy, Lee, got to see and play with the snow for the first time.

We saw him and his family sledding down a hill, enjoying the snow.

“So you really like sledding, huh?” ABC15’s Luzdelia Caballero asked Lee.

“Yeah,” he said.

“First time?” we asked.

“Yeah,” Lee added.

“Do you want to come back to Flagstaff again?

“Yeah!” he answered.

Regardless of how freezing the temperatures got, folks made the best of it.

“Let’s see your hands,” we asked Magallon-Torres and her family.

“Purple, green, and blue!” they said while looking at their hands and playing in the snow.

The Arizona Department of Transportation tells ABC15 it’s best drivers to do the following to stay safe on the road:

  • Slow down and leave extra room to prevent crashes, in case the roads are slick, wet or icy.
  • Plan ahead to ensure you leave your destination with plenty of time and avoid rushing on the road.
  • Be prepared and dress for cold weather (freezing conditions) if traveling into the high country. Also bring extra clothes and have an emergency bag ready to go (with flashlight, blankets, ice scraper, etc….
  • Follow National Weather Service for updates
  • Visit ADOT’s Traveler Information site at before heading out or call 511 for highway conditions.

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