Walmart worker injured in gunfight in Tampa


Tampa police are investigating a shootout in which a Walmart employee was hit by a stray round outside the store early Monday morning.

Police said the shooting occurred between two groups of people when the Gentlemens Club des Score on 2310 North Dale Mabry Highway closed at around 3 a.m. Detectives said no one was injured at the scene.

The people fled in vehicles and continued to exchange shots, officials said.
As they drove past the Walmart on North Dale Mabry Highway 1505, a stray ball hit one of the employees sitting outside the store.

Police said it didn’t penetrate the victim’s skin, but he was injured.

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Police said the shooting was not accidental violence and the two groups appeared to be targeting each other.

Officers said the investigation was still ongoing. The police did not say whether they had any suspicious descriptions or identities.

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