Warm weather ahead | Phoenix weather

In the next few days a high pressure ridge will build up over Arizona. That said, we’ll see some nice, warmer temperatures towards the end of the weekend and the beginning of the weekend. Look for highs around 80 on Thursday, mid-80s on Friday and Saturday, then drop a little to highs around 80 on Sunday.

The reason for the decline on Sunday is a weak storm developing near Arizona. This will cool the entire state, but it’s unlikely we’ll see much rain and / or snow next week. Yes, we will have a few chances of picking up some weather in North AZ, but the deserts appear to be staying dry next week.

However, this storm will continue and keep us cool. Monday through Wednesday, look for mid-70s highs that are slightly below average for this time of year. We’ll get some breezes and clouds over time, but rain chances just don’t seem to materialize.

We are lagging behind at our annual rainfall rate. We are currently at 1.05 inches at Sky Harbor Airport. That’s nearly an inch and a half behind the “average” pace. The long-term outlook remains pessimistic about the chance of rainfall.

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