Willie Garson told Page Six about his favorite role: being a father

Willie Garson had professional success on shows such as Sex and the City and White Collar, but his favorite job was when the cameras stopped rolling.

The actor, who died Tuesday at the age of 57, raved about his “special” son Nathan, whom he adopted in 2009, in an interview with Page Six last year.

“He’s an adult and will take care of me soon, which is why I honestly told him,” Garson said at the time. “He’s lovely and a very special guy. He’s wonderful and he’s studying in Ohio. “

The New Jersey born actor recalled that it was unusual for men to adopt as single parents.

“I’ve always wanted to have a child,” he revealed. “I’ve had a long relationship every now and then for about 20 years and she never wanted a child, which is fine, and it was like in my midlife crisis, I really wanted a child more than anything. And I have one and we are partners, my child and me. “

Nathen paid tribute to Garson on Instagram and wrote, “I love you so much, Dad. Rest in peace and I am glad that you were able to share all your adventures with me and achieve so much. I’m so proud of you. I will always love you, but I think it’s time you embarked on your own adventure. You will always be with me. I love you more than you will ever know and I am glad that you can be at peace now. You have always been the toughest, funniest, and smartest person I know. I am glad that you shared your love with me. I will never forget or lose it. “

Garson was such a believer in adoption that he joined the board of directors of You Gotta Believe, a charity that helps people through the intricate maze of child adoption, and found that the charity is working to adopt older children.

“A lot of them are not cute and cuddly babies, they are older and they slipped through the cracks … I adopted a 7 and a half year old. For You Gotta Believe, that would be considered young. They make children until they get older and beyond, also because everyone needs a family. “

And earlier this year, Garson spoke to Page Six again about working on the SATC reboot, “And Just Like That,” and his plans for the future, which included moving to New York.

“We all come from the theater and are all trained in the theater,” he explained. “And then some of us go the way and we mostly end up in movies and on TV. And it becomes a real luxury to come back to the theater. “

“My pre-pandemic plan was actually to move back to New York and do the theater because it’s really something you can afford as there’s no money in it,” he continued. “And then the pandemic came and I’ve been sitting in my house for a year and a half like everyone else. And now I’m back in New York by chance because we’re doing the TV show. “

The TV show in question was the restart of “SATC” and Garson says he and the other cast members understood and appreciated the excitement surrounding the series.

Filming of Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson Garson is best remembered as Stanford Blatch in Sex and the City.Film magic

“We get it and we and we even talked about it at the first table reading, we really, really appreciate it,” he exclaimed. “I mean the fans, you know, they want things to go well, but the fans of that have kept us going all along, and that’s why we’re doing it. So God bless us for being allowed to do this. And it’s up to the fans. “

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