With the order of the executive, FEMA begins examining two fields of the Phoenix Talent Little League for the accommodation of fire victims

TALENT, Ore. – A plan to create more living space for fire victims could use the south side of Chuck Roberts Park in Talent.

The announcement came during a special meeting of the Talent City Council on Friday evening.

An executive order was signed on Friday that allowed FEMA to conduct a preliminary exploration study to convert two of the four Little League fields in the park.

If necessary, the site could temporarily accommodate 25 to 29 families. According to FEMA, around 130 families eligible for assistance remain without accommodation five months after the Almeda fire in their Phoenix and Talent communities on September 8, 2020.

FEMA said their first choice for building a direct housing mission site would be the burn cushions of previous trailer and RV parks. However, FEMA representative Duke Davis said they must first determine that these locations are safe and free of hazardous materials. According to FEMA, the fields would serve as an emergency location.

If the park area were used, according to Erin Parent, president of the Phoenix Talent Little League, about 150 children who want to use these fields would be affected.

At Friday’s meeting, it was announced that the Little League could use the fields of the Phoenix Talent School District in Culver Field. Parents said that this proposal solved planning and field size problems.

FEMA also said it could restore the site after it was used at the city’s discretion. Parents told NBC5 News that it would cost over $ 200,000 to restore the fields.

According to FEMA regulations, this type of housing can be made available for up to 18 months after a disaster. After five of those months had passed, Interim City Manager Jamie McCleod-Skinner said the governor could apply for a six-month extension after that time.

As officials work to meet the needs of the many burn victims who are not housed, McCleod-Skinner encouraged the public to share viable recommendations for temporary housing with the city.

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