Woman tells emotional story about fallen Phoenix officer

Shaimaa Saleh said Officer Ginarro New did whatever she needed to.

PHOENIX – A Phoenix resident will never forget the day she met the fallen Phoenix police officer Ginarro New and his death on Monday moved her to tears.

“I love him forever. I’m so sad for him, ”said Shaimaa Saleh.

Saleh has only met New once, but her admiration for him is strong.

Almost two years ago, New was responding to a traumatic incident at her home that occurred just one block from the place where he died.

“He did his job. [He was] beautiful and excellent, ”said Saleh. She said he stayed with her six hours and refused to leave her side until he made her smile years ago during the incident.

What Saleh didn’t know was that New had just started working for the Phoenix Police Department.

“The US has lost a smart, handsome cop with a beautiful heart,” Saleh said.

That one encounter meant so much to Saleh, and she said New made that bad day a good one years ago.

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