Wondering when Flagstaff waste services will catch up after snow delays? Here’s the latest.

If you’re a Flagstaff resident wondering when your trash cart will be emptied, have no fear, the day is near. After suspending service on both Monday and Tuesday due to a snowstorm that left about 30 inches of snow across the area, the city waste management department resumed service Wednesday.

“Collections are moving forward,” said Evan Tyrrell, public works section director for solid waste and fleet services.

He explained that in order to catch up with demand, the department will continue to suspend residential recycling and bulk trash services until next week so resources can be focused on trash collection.

“[Wednesday] we’re running six trucks, plus two that are usually dedicated to recycling,” Tyrrell said. “So that’s eight trucks running residential.”

On Wednesday, trucks prioritized Monday routes first and picked up Tuesday routes where possible. Together, Monday and Tuesday routes account for about 16,000 customers, Tyrrell said.

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The hope is that by Thursday, trucks will be servicing Wednesday routes, and so forth.

“We are running trucks on this coming Saturday just to make sure we’re caught up by the end of the week,” Tyrrell said.

That’s the plan, at least, as Tyrrell noted that there were still some complications that could result in further delays.

“Within the roadways there’s still some difficulties getting around,” he said. “And if people put their carts behind the berms, or if they’re buried in the berms, we can’t get to those carts. We’re getting everything that we can that is readily accessible.”

There’s also more snow in the forecast. The National Weather Service predicts an 80% chance of precipitation Thursday night, with anywhere from 5 to 9 inches of additional snow accumulating.

On the commercial side of things, Tyrrell noted that everything would be resuming on Wednesday — trash and recycling.

“Our Wednesday route is basically going to be recovering what we’ve already missed on Monday, with the exception of a few containers,” he said. “So by the time we run Wednesday, Thursday, Friday routes for commercial, we should be caught up and back on track.”

However, just like residential, the plan for commercial pickup could be impacted by accessibility. Tyrrell urges commercial customers to make sure their containers are accessible to trucks.

“We’re working diligently to get caught up to the best of our abilities,” he added. “We appreciate the patience.”

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