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The Yuma High School baseball team could make it into the postseason.
The Indians have won five of their last six games and are 7-7 ahead of the double-dip final of season D on Saturday against rivals Wray.
Yuma was No. 23 in Class 2A RPI after the double-header sweep on Tuesday against Holyoke, in the last home games of the Indians of season D. The top 24 in the RPI advance to the regional league, with the top 8 seeding three teams on Tuesday align, June 15th.

Simple math shows that it would take the Indians at least one split to finish the regular season on a 500s record and would finish on a winning record if they could somehow defeat the Eagles.John Smith runs a flyball in right field last Saturday against Sedgwick County at Tribe Field. (Tim Sprouse)
That’s a big challenge, however, as Wray went undefeated into the final week of Season D and stepped into second place on the RPI. The Eagles only need a split to earn the Lower Platte Activities Association title as they have already given the premium Merino Class 1A its only loss of the season. Indeed, it has been a strong baseball season for the league’s three 1A schools as Merino, Haxtun and Caliche entered this week with winning records and an eye on advancing the region to the 1A districts.
Among the league’s 2A schools, Wiggins ranks second behind Wray. The Eagles, Wiggins and Yuma are the only league schools to be promoted to the regional league in the next week.
Yuma gave herself a big boost with an exciting sweep from Burlington, 4-3 and 10-9, last Wednesday at Tribe Field. (For more information on this double dip, visit yumapioneer.com.)
The Indians then parted ways with Sedgwick County’s Tribe Field on Saturday, winning the opening game 10-5 before losing 11-10 in the Nightcap after being four runs late.
The tribe welcomed Sedgwick County to town on a warm, sunny Saturday. Yuma opened a close first game in the third inning.
John Smith doubled up and met Andre Baucke’s doubles in the first inning. Victor Perez gave Yuma a 2-0 lead in the second half.
Sedgwick County responded in the top of the third with two runs of two hits and one walk.
However, the Indians responded with a six-run frame in the home half. Kobe Rayl led it with a double on the right field line and Smith made a throwing error when Rayl scored from third place. Smith had moved up to third due to the mistake and scored in the singles from Yahir Trejo. Trejo met Baucke’s single. Kevin Hermosillo’s hit hit Buacke and Perez, and Hermosillo hit Cade Morton’s single.
With 8-2, the Indians led two more in the fourth game, when Trejo and Baucke took walks. Trejo met Perez’s single and Baucke came to the center on Hermosillo’s sacrificial fly.
Sedgwick County scored one run in the fifth run and shot over two more in the seventh to get within 10-5, but the tribe held on for the win.
Trejo had a solid foray up the hill for the pitching win. He threw the first 4-1 / 3 innings, allowed three runs with four hits, hit five and went four. Angel Escobar hit the last 2-2 / 3s without allowing a hit but still getting two runs on four walks and two strikeouts.
Angel Escobar throws at first base for an out against Sedgwick County at Tribe Field last Saturday. (Tim Sprouse) Baucke had two hits, including a double with two RBI and two runs, Trejo two hits with an RBI and two runs, Rayl had a double and a run, Smith had a double, an RBI and two runs, and Perez had one Hit, one RBI and two runs, Hermosillo one hit, two RBI and one run and Morton one hit and one RBI.
The nightcap didn’t start well as Sedgwick County completed five runs. However, the Indians came back straight away with seven runs in the home half. Yuma had three hits in the rally, but walks and SedgCo mistakes helped fuel the breakout.
Rayl took a step and scored, Smith met and scored, Baucke met and scored, Jose Ruiz reached and scored, Perez went and scored, Hermosillo reached and scored, and Escobar took a step and scored. Rayl came back up and hit a single but ended up stranded in third.
Both teams added a run in the second run, including Trejo hitting a doubles and making Ruiz’s outfield pick.
The tribe then made 10-6 with two runs in the fifth, and Perez and Hermosillo were both hit by a pitch and eventually scored a goal.
The tribe failed, however, as Sedgwick County scored five runs in the top of the sixth for an 11-10 lead, and the Indians failed to generate anything offensively in the last two at-bats – they only scored three runs after the first Inning.
The teams combined 21 runs, but also only 12 hits (seven from Sedgwick County), 12 walks and seven errors (five from Sedgwick County).
Trejo had a double and a run, Perez a double and two runs, Rayl a hit and a run, Smith a hit, two RBI and a run, Baucke a hit, an RBI and a run, Ruiz an RBI and a run, Hermosillo two runs, Escobar one run, and Morton one RBI.
Conner Lynch almost took the pitching win, leading by four when he came back out for the sixth inning. However, he got into trouble and got out with no outs. Rayl hit the last six outs.
Yuma finished his home schedule against Holyoke on Tuesday, taking 7-1 and 12-2 wins over the winless Dragons at windswept Tribe Field.
The tribe easily won the first game, despite only scoring two goals. Holyoke recorded five, but only one way, compared to seven for Yuma.
Smith was hit by a pitch and eventually scored in the first inning without the Indians scoring, and Victor Perez did exactly the same in the second, followed by Jose Ruiz, who took a 3-0 lead in the third.
Three singles resulted in a run for Holyoke in the sixth.
However, the tribe got some breathing space in the half of the home. Rayl picked up a mistake, Smith drew a step, and Trejo did too. Rayl scored with a base-loaded walk and Smith and Trejo with pass balls. Rayl then single and scored on a pass ball in seventh.
Both of Yuma’s hits, Rayl and Trejo, came in seventh. Rayl and Smith both scored two runs, Trejo, Ruiz and Perez one each. Ruiz also had an RBI.
Trejo did the job under his belt to win the full game. He hit 10 and only walked one, which resulted in a deserved run while spreading five hits over seven innings.
The tribe broke a little in the nightcap with eight hits for the 12-2 win in five innings, aided by seven Holyoke mistakes.

Yuma pushed over three in the first inning, with a double from Trejo. Three singles led to three more runs in the second. The tribe added one run in the third and two in the fourth for a 9-2 lead.
The Indians then finished the job with three runs in fifth place, again without a hit. Rayl was hit by a pitch and scored on a pass, Smith walked and scored on a pass, and Trejo walked and scored on a mistake.
Conner Lynch went the first three innings to claim the pitching win. He allowed a well-deserved run in one fell swoop, struck three and went five. Smith went the last two innings, hitting three and walking four while allowing a well-deserved run.Kevin Hermosillo slipped into home with a run against Sedgwick County last Saturday at Tribe Field. (Tim Sprouse)
Trejo had two hits including a double with two RBI and three runs, Rayl two hits with two runs, Ruiz two hits with two RBI, Perez one hit and one run, Escobar one hit and two runs, and Cade Morton one run.
The only downer in the afternoon was that Morton, the team’s only senior (and a YHS graduate), may break his thumb when the ball hit him while swinging on a field late in the game, potentially making it for the Could put the rest of his game on hold last season at YHS.

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