YHS Commons receives A / C – Yuma Pioneer

Last month, the school board approved the renovation of the Commons area as an additional task. It was approved at a cost of no more than $ 400,000. Rayl announced to the board that the work will range between $ 330,000 and $ 340,000. (Funds come from the district’s emergency funds and Neenan Archistruction.)

Now the Commons are also air-conditioned. The board was advised that the current entity for the Commons only supports heat. The recommendation was to install a new unit for heating and air conditioning at a cost of between $ 70,000 and $ 100,000.
The board of directors was informed that the construction budget can bear the additional costs. Rayl said that with all the change orders already approved, the district still has about $ 700,000 in contingent liabilities and Neenans around $ 650,000.
“We can definitely support this,” said Rayl.
Later in the meeting, the board voted 4-0 for the Commons’ A / C add-on. Board members Dan Ross, Thomas Holtorf and Lindsey Galles attended the meeting in person, and Kim Langley did so from a distance. Duane Brown was absent.
The board members noted that the commons are used continuously for all kinds of activities throughout the school day as well as the school year. So now was the time to do this as it is in line with budget.
However, the A / C project means that the Commons will not be available for the first two to three weeks of the school year. The board was told that school principals have said YHS can work around this time for lunch, and the first few weeks of indoor sports mean spectators will have to go outside to switch between The Pit and Aux Pit.

Math on the NJC campus

Yuma High School’s math classes take place in the first semester of the next school year on the NJC Yuma campus across from YHS.
With the exception of Art and Band, the current class wings will not be available for the first semester, which means almost all classes will be held in the new wing, which will be completed before school starts on September 7th.
So the Yuma-1 looked for more space across the street.
Chrisman told the board on Monday evening that the district is signing a lease to use three classrooms and two offices for the math department for the next semester. The lease costs $ 4,800.
This means math students can use the new parking lot in front of the new wing and across 10th Ave. cross to go to and from math class for the first semester of the 2021-22 school year.

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