Young Tucsonan helps migrant children at the border with book campaign – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-13 19:39:56 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) – Curly Anderson is a sophomore at Mesa Verde Elementary School and is open minded. She collects books that she donates to immigrant children on the border.

“I heard the book Hear My Voice in church, so what did you do to help the people on the border? So I started a book campaign so I could help the kids at the shelter, ”said Anderson.

The shelter she supports is called Nogares’ House of Mercy.

The book “Hear My Voice” she read in church contained quotes from children living on the border explaining their experiences and feelings.

“I couldn’t imagine anything like this, and I know my feelings may not be the same, but I just wanted to help,” said Anderson. I did.

And their way of helping is by collecting books for children of all kinds, bilingual in Spanish and English, and even color books and supplies.

“I want to get as much as I can,” said Anderson.

Your fundraising will grow as the community learns of your mission. Her school, friends, family and neighbors all helped share her drive on social media and shave books for her to showcase.

“We are planning a trip to the animal shelter with the minister and will take her off. And maybe you can stay a while and read the books we gave the kids, ”said Anderson. Said.

Book donation activities will continue into June this month. If you’d like to donate a book, email us at [email protected] for information about unloading.

Young Tucsonan helps migrant children on the border with book campaign Source link Young Tucsonan helps migrant children on the border with book campaign

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