YRMC shares data over the last year, about 1,3000 trauma cases | Yuma

YUMA – About every year YRMC’s Emergency Department treats and stabilizes almost 1,300 traumas for possible life-threatening injuries. The hospital has been sharing that more than 70% of injuries are due to motor vehicle accidents and 26% of these are due to off road accidents.

YRMC is sharing its tips on how to stay safe during the desert and dune season:

  • Drivers and passengers should always wear a helmet. Goggles are recommended.
  • Consider wearing a chest protector. This applies to children as well. Ejections and being thrown over the handle bars can lead to internal organ injury.
  • Drivers should consider carrying a toolkit with a few basic items like a tire pressure gauge, tape and multifunctional screwdriver and a first-aid kit to help mitigate or treat small injuries.
  • Don’t ride alone – always ride with at least one other vehicle to play it safe.
  • Only ride within your capabilities and choose the right ATV or vehicle for your skill level.
  • If you want to ride with more than one rider in one vehicle, make sure your ATV is designed to hold a passenger.
  • Don’t drink or use controlled substances while driving.
  • Ensure lights are working and turned on for nights.
  • Make sure it is safe to pass when reaching the top of hills or inclines.
  • Be cautious of the terrain. Keep an eye out for uneven ground that could cause a roll over or ejection.
  • When riding in a side by side, avoid placing hands outside of the vehicle. This can help avoid the chances of fractures or amputations in the event of an accident.

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