Yuma County certifies election results despite citizen objections

Yuma, Arizona (KAWC) – The Yuma County Board of Supervisors on Monday voted to certify the November 8th election results despite protests from two political activists.

Gary Garcia Snyder, who lost his bid for state Senate, is one of those raising red flags about quote “anomalies.”

The other is Yuma Union High School board member David Lara.

In voicing his opposition, Snyder cited more than 30 instances where voters received multiple ballots, and he submitted some of those ballots as proof.

Yuma County Elections Director Tiffany Anderson tells KAWC some of the samples came from two separate elections; one for the primary, the other for the general.

Anderson tells KAWC there are many common reasons why people would otherwise receive two ballots.

“If they’ve changed anything on their voter registration records, if they’ve called and let us know they didn’t have a ballot…”

Some people report getting two ballots in the mail on the same day, Anderson says that’s beyond her office’s control.

“That’s a postal service issue rather than a Yuma County Recorder issue.”

Anderson says the official hand count conducted on November 12th, showed 100% accuracy to tabulated results.

That was good enough for the board.

Supervisors signed off on the certification and advised Snyder he’s free to challenge the results in court.

No word on if Snyder plans to do so.

La Paz County also certified its election results Monday.

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