Yuma County’s proposed budget for 2021-22 provides money for residents who are struggling

News 11’s Adonis Albright breaks down the county’s budget for next year and what residents need to know

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – Yuma County recently unveiled its $ 464 million budget proposal for fiscal year 2021-2022, up nearly 60% year over year. According to district administrator Susan Thorpe, the additional funding will come from the federal government with a one-time payment of around $ 42 million in coronavirus relief supplies.

The Yuma County Board of Supervisors also managed to save millions of dollars from last year’s budget. According to Thorpe, this was because the board was careful with its funds during the pandemic.

“We were in the middle of COVID, it had only just started when we were trying to propose and pass a budget for this year. So we were very conservative and we were actually very conservative with our income, very conservative with our expenses. At the end this year we are projected to increase sales by approximately $ 9 million over our estimate, “said Thorpe.

Additionally, the county’s spending has fallen by nearly $ 5 million. These additional funds put the county in a good position when it comes to future budgets, according to Thorpe. The money could also be used for upcoming projects, including the new administration building on Main Street.

There is also good news for residents of Yuma County who have received help through the county’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The Coronavirus Aid Aid will be used in part for the program and will essentially double the funding.

“The biggest piece we have that will make a difference to the general public and those who qualify is the Emergency Rental Utility. That will go from $ 6.5 million to $ 12 million to $ 13 million, and that can go back as long as 15 months, “Thorpe said.

Part of the federal government’s funds will also be used to expand broadband Internet access in areas around Yuma County.

“We want to provide universal, redundant fiber access to as many people across the county as possible because broadband access is such a huge concern in rural America, especially Yuma County, and it is the Board’s top priority.”

Another aspect for the residents, which is described in this budget proposal: The tax rates in the entire district remain unchanged.

“We’re not raising the tax rate for any of our counties, whether it’s prison counties, health care, library, flood control, or the general fund. Our tax rate will stay the same. However, if your appraised value of your own property has increased, the amount of tax you pay increases. The estimated values ​​for the entire county increased by 6.15%. But that only depends on whether your property has not increased in value, then nothing will change. If it went up between 0 and 6, it will go up a little. “

The Yuma County Regulatory Board will meet on June 7th to formally approve the preliminary budget and open it to the public for comment before a final budget is adopted on June 28th.

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