Yuma Criminals Football uses the first game loss to start a successful season

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – The Yuma Criminals have made their fair share of lumps with many losing seasons in recent history, recording no more than three wins in a single season since 2013-14.

So the key in 2021 is simple. Get out there and win a few games.

After speaking to a few seniors while exercising this week, they are tired of losing and being overlooked. Most importantly, they are now ready to turn the tide and be the best football team in the region.

Senior wide receiver Vladimir Olson says the teams overlooked their program and made a joke, but by 2021 their seniors are ready to go and the opponents need to “be prepared”.

It’s a squad of 14 seniors, many of whom are in key positions like offensive and in skill positions in the backcourt and outside. It’s a very athletic and stealthy group for sophomore Head Coach Bo Seibel willing to do good to the Crims.

“It’s a new team. You work in the off-season and have a slightly different mentality, ”said coach Seibel. “They are focused, they are bought, good things will happen. Hopefully we can keep the children on board and fully invest and get some wins this year. “

And a good sign of growth was the adversity they faced last week. The Crims were supposed to play San Pasqual, but that game was canceled just three days in advance because San Pasqual didn’t have enough healthy players.

Just a few days in advance, Yuma was planning a game with a 6A program, Trevor Browne. After having done well for most of the game, they came back big in the fourth quarter with multiple touchdowns, but fell short of a 41:36 loss.

“We had them. If we hadn’t given up the last touchdown in the fourth quarter, we would have won,” said senior and captain quarterback Jaynoah Medel. “We have to start faster now.”

Hope and hunger remain high for the criminals who are in the field for their second week. And with the events of last week, it’s a mark of resilience and intransigence that this team has been missing for some time.

“As a program we preach adversity and last week there were a lot of adversities,” said coach Seibel. “We hired a 6A team two days in advance. We didn’t really get a scouting report for them together, but I thought the kids reacted well. They fought the whole game and almost came back in the fourth quarter and just fell a little short, but the kids were great resilient and they took up the fight and did a great job … they put on a good show. They fought. It just goes to show that a lot of kids are working tirelessly out here and a lot of kids are passionate about the game. That’s what I love very much as a coach and in the whole team in general. “

The Crims aim to bounce back and claim their first win in 2021 when they visit the Calexico Bulldogs on Friday night.

As many Crims players and coaches have mentioned, it will be a dog fight against Calexico, who won a 27-0 win last week.

This game is scheduled to start at 7pm from Ward Field in Calexico. Turn on the highlights of the Friday Night Lights at 10 p.m.

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