Yuma law enforcement is on high alert for New Year

Yuma Police and Sheriff’s Office will be present for New Year’s celebrations

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Both Yuma Police Department (YPD) and Yuma County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) will be scattered around Yuma Saturday night.

This is to make sure everybody abides by the law.

“We have our resources all through town,” Yuma Police Officer Pete Olea spoke.

As Yuma residents prepare for New Year’s Eve, an abundance of law enforcement, like YCSO and YPD, are on duty.

They are pressing issues that will keep them safe. Overall, this is pertaining to alcohol, and more specifically, driving under the influence late at night.

“We have additional enforcement. For example, DUI enforcement increases during this time of year because of course of the celebratory nature of New Year’s,” Olea detailed.

Resources to combat drunk driving

Even so, resources will be available to combat drunk driving.

“From our agency to other municipal agencies, I think DUIs is something that is pressing,” Olea continued.

The YCSO also shares that same sentiment.

“We will be having our Yuma county deputies out on patrol in the county areas, so please do not drink and drive,” Tania Pavlak, YCSO Public Information Officer, spoke.

A minor issue

It is a more minor issue that the YCSO has dealt with in past New Year’s and expects to hear other complaints.

“Calls we are expecting to receive are noise disturbances, so please be respectful to your neighbors,” Pavlak pressed.

YCSO also pressed about following safety and common sense guidelines pertaining to launching fireworks and overall safety for the night.

However, both YPD and YCSO wish all Yuma residents a happy New Year.

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