Yuma Mann arrested again – Yuma Pioneer

A Yuma County man is back in jail after leading the prosecution in a brief car chase in a stolen pickup truck last week.
Jacob Henderson was admitted to Yuma County Jail on Tuesday afternoon on numerous charges.
An attempt was made to contact a Wray pickup that was stolen from the Yuma area earlier that day, according to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

The pickup failed to stop and led MPs to a chase that ended at County Road 46 and County Road T, where the stolen vehicle was held by a patrol car. The pickup then detached and rammed the patrol pickup, entangling the vehicles.
A total of 27 new charges were filed against Henderson, including eight criminal offenses.
He was previously arrested again on August 15, 2020 after trying to evade prosecution. This chase ended on a standing corn field where the suspect vehicle was stuck. Henderson eventually came off the field and surrendered.
Sheriff Todd Combs said a lot of people had asked why Henderson was not in jail.
“Mr. Henderson was able to put bail on which the judicial system set the law,” Combs told the pioneer in an email. “The bail amount is usually set by a schedule set in a statutory area. Bail affirms for a person to appear in court to stand trial for what they are charged with. It is in no way an admission of guilt. He will now face the same situation again, with bail leading to this The bail may be changed or decreased by the court from the amount originally set. The Yuma County Sheriff’s office has no say in the bail amount. “
The arrest came in August while the YCSO was investigating a theft on County Road E near Yuma. A civilian spotted a black Lincoln Navigator that matched the description of the suspect vehicle.
Henderson was then charged with driving a vehicle when his license was revoked as a habitual offender, third degree offense – agricultural land, theft – under $ 50, and out of county arrest warrant.
The YCSO announced days later that further investigations linked Henderson as a suspect in several other break-ins in Yuma County and several cases were being investigated further.
Additional charges included second degree burglary – theft of a controlled substance, crime, theft of $ 750 or more but less than $ 2,000, and third degree offenses.
Henderson’s bond was raised to $ 57,000 at that time.
When the incident happened last week, he was free.
It was not clear earlier this week whether Henderson had been bonded after last week’s event.

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