Yuma Mayor: More than 350 migrants have been released to Yuma County in the past two weeks

News 11’s Adonis Albright speaks with Mayor Douglas Nicholls about what’s happening at the local level

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls said Monday that more than 350 migrants have been released to Yuma County in the past two weeks.

According to the mayor, this number will only increase if more migrants try to seek asylum after the Biden government lifted the so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The mayor now calls on the federal government to deal with the issue.

“This is a federal question, not a Yuma question. So it has to be a federal response … A federal response really is the only way, “said Nicholls.

This is because Yuma County nonprofits state that they are on standby should they be needed to provide resources such as food, clothing, and other resources for migrants. In a statement on News 11, the Salvation Army said it had not been asked to help.

“If asked, we will help in any way we can, but the Salvation Army no longer owns the facilities in Yuma that were used to house migrants in 2019, so our commitment would not be nearly as high as in 2019.”

Another big problem in terms of influx: the coronavirus.

“It diminishes the ability to repent people. But it has also reduced our nonprofits willing to get engaged because the migrants are not tested before they are released, “Nicholls said.

The mayor said he was in contact with the Yuma Sector Border Police, senators and the governor’s office to see what could be done in the future. But when he looks ahead, he has a message for the community.

“The migrants who are being released want an ultimate host destination. So you’re not really trying to settle in Yuma. So this is more of a transition point for them. “

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