Yuma Salad Fights Ice Problems – Produce Blue Book

Photos courtesy of Markon

Growers in the Arizona / California desert region say cold and wind cause quality problems and delayed harvests.

Markon Cooperative BB #: 123315 Quality Assurance Director John Galvez says later harvests also cause delays in loading.
But the weather will be better soon.

“After less widespread ice on March 2, the forecasts call for a low probability of rain in the middle of the week, followed by a further warming trend until the weekend. So the weather is a bit irregular, but not extreme and not at an unusual time in the season, ”he says.

The ice cream and cold wind of the weekend caused the salad to take on a slightly dull look, says Galvez. “Fields in colder areas showed slight epidermal blisters, but most of this is on protective sheets that can be cut off. Returns are expected to be still very good despite some additional cuts, but we can see a drop in case weights this week. “

As restaurants across the country are slowly starting to open, that surge in demand has been offset by the recovery from the mid-February freezes that hit massive areas in the US

“Unfortunately, we have seen a significant amount of lettuce in the past two weeks due to a lack of demand,” says Galvez. “Everyone is hoping for an early and sustained recovery in business.”

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