Yuma Swap Meet has a great show for Valentine’s Day

YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – The Yuma Swap Meet today has a great show that is fun for couples and families. The income collected over the weekend will benefit a family struggling with illness.

Delicious food, shopping and live entertainment at the Yuma Swap Meet in one package. Many families spend their Valentine’s Day weekend enjoying everything.

“So we can feel love everywhere on Valentine’s Day,” said a local.

This weekend, the swap meet will entertain the locals with live music and fresh food from vendors.

The crowd even enjoyed a horse parade held 3 hours before arriving at the swap meeting.

Sylvia Parado is the assistant manager at the Yuma Swap Meet

“We have a variety of foods, many suppliers. And it’s a very family atmosphere, ”said Parado.

“We have dancing horses from Ruben Moreno. They were from the Phoenix / Tucson area, ”she added.

Juan & Ericka Trevizo brought out the whole family.

“I like shopping, there is variety. I like that the family is busy,” said Ericka.

“Well I think this is a great place, especially with this whole pandemic. They know that we are in the open air and that we can be out there and not have to worry about catching anything or being contagious, ”explained Juan.

Management tells News 11 that they are making it as safe as possible, and although the majority of activities are outdoors, face masks are required.

The exchange meeting also does something special for a good cause.

A fundraising campaign was held for Pedro Figueroa, a local resident suffering from cancer.

“We’re volunteering to raise money for cancer. My husband is currently suffering from cancer and we are trying to raise funds for people with cancer. “

Flor Figueroa knows him very well.

“He couldn’t be here but he is very happy that he has so many friends here to raise money and support our cause,” said Figueroa.

This is her first volunteer exchange meeting to support her husband.

“I feel very happy and useful,” said Figueroa

The swap meet is open every weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with live entertainment on Saturdays and Sundays.

Once you are outdoors, everything is free to the public.

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