Yuma’s longtime favored proposition 417 on ballot

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Proposition 417, the renewal of the city of Yuma’s hospitality tax is on the ballot for this 2022 Midterm Election.

Yumans have voted yes on this prop for about 50 years.

Now, it’s time to see if it will pass once again.

Prop 417 is a 2% special tax placed on all Yuma restaurants, hotels and bars to fund parks and recreation and tourism.

It’s neither a new tax nor a tax hike, but a renewal of the existing tax that expires in 2024.

And funding goes towards parks and recreation and Yuma’s tourism.

Visit Yuma, a local tourism hub is backing the proposition.

Their executive director, Marcus Carney says prop 417 is great for the community.

“Saying yes to prop 417 says yes to kids, it says yes to art, it says yes to all the fun activities in our town. So, it is an important funding mechanism that we need to maintain all those programs,” said Carney.

The 2% tax has continuously funded amenities around the city without putting the burden on Yuma residents.

Several locals and visitors like Joey Sierra tell me they’d like for this prop to stay in place.

“Kids that don’t have a lot of stuff going on at home, this is a good spot for them to come here. They got a lot of hobbies; skateboarding, bmxing, rollerblading, anything the kid can be into. It’s good to have these parks here for these kids and grown-ups too,” said Sierra.

Those who contribute towards the hospitality tax are Yuma visitors and residents who eat at local restaurants and hotels.

“Yuma crossing national historic area, for fact, they use that fund to then go out and get a national grant that they come back and it is matched 1:1 and that helps fund things like the prison, the Wetlands areas and the Colorado River Park,” said Carney.

All benefits of this prop go to Yuma residents!

The tax would ensure funding for parks, sports fields, local art and cultural activities.

Keep an eye out for prop 417 on as it will be last on all ballots.

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