Flood tame Wednesday in Flagstaff, as rainwater mainly sticks to washing systems, drains locally

Wednesday’s flood was the fourth time in just over a week that Russo said she stood in front of her house and watched water rush by. She and her fiance didn’t buy the house until May.

“We live here with our 1 year old daughter. She really has a lot of fun playing in the mud and watching big tractors, ”said Russo.

In fact, the water doesn’t seem to have clouded Russo’s mood either.

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There are several large concrete barriers and a series of sandbags between her house and the drain. Even so, the water found a way, flowing through Russo’s parking lot and onto the street. But Russo said the barriers seemed to be doing their job a lot better this time around than they had in days past.

Residents of townhouses on Arroyo Seco Drive see their street flood Wednesday afternoon after a monsoon storm over the museum’s fire area.

Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

Russo said they got some water in the house on Tuesday last week when the flooding in the city showed their ugly head. On that day, water seeps into the living room, damaging about two inches of drywall along that side of the house.

And with her and her fiancé’s wedding only days away, they decided that while this might be their home, they should move some of the most important things out of the house.

Her wedding dress is now being kept at her mother-in-law’s house in Greenlaw, Russo said.

The floods came after a flash flood watch was issued to Coconino County and much of the rest of the state in the second half of the week.

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