Citizens’ petition calls on Flagstaff to allocate resources for bicycle safety | Local

The petition calls on the city to establish protected bike lanes on Beaver Street, San Francisco Avenue, Butler Avenue and Fourth Street by December 2022. On major thoroughfares like West Route 66 and Milton Avenue, the petition calls for these changes to be made by December 2023.

Proponents are also calling for the speed limit on Butler Avenue and Lone Tree Road to be reduced to 25 miles per hour. Activists want these changes to be made by August 2022.

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Even before the petition, locals were calling for a speed limit on Butler Avenue to be reduced on social media. Flagstaff’s James Holeman, who moved to the corner of Butler and San Francisco Streets in 2007, created a public Facebook page the day after the accident on Friday calling for the same changes.

As the site of the most recent accident, Butler has received more attention than most of the other proposed changes.

Heinsius said cyclist safety has been an issue in Flagstaff for some time, but the city hasn’t acted quickly enough.

“Driving is becoming more and more dangerous,” said Heinsius. “We’ve seen this as a problem for a long time, and while money is budgeted, what changes have been made?”

Hoping more funding could make a difference, activists are pushing the city to relocate funds from the traffic tax that voters approved in 2018. This tax, which was supported by 64% of the electorate, is intended to finance transport infrastructures such as new and widened roads and support for alternative modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

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