Flagstaff Pro Rodeo will move forward at full capacity next month | Local

And Nemeth said over the past year that while county officials have tried to create guidelines for safely hosting special events, it was a moving goal.

Nemeth said the county had been working on evaluating special event applications using a capacity calculator they created, which used square footage to determine what the event’s capacity should be.

But the changes in the CDC’s recommendations made much of it redundant for outdoor events.

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“We were able to remove the capacity outdoors and really move away from this square meter calculator. That way we got back to some of our event producers and let them know that this is the new direction for the county when it comes to outdoor events, ”said Nemeth.

Daulton said she was happy to hear the rodeo could move forward at 100% capacity as the limits forced her to raise ticket prices just to make the event financially worthwhile.

And even at full capacity, Daulton said some anti-COVID measures will be in place.

“We ran some fundraisers last year in the middle of the pandemic, so we have COVID plans. We need to take extra precautions. We’re not going to be the masked police, but people are welcome to wear their mask if it makes them feel comfortable, ”Daulton said.

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