Kody and Robyn Brown owe property tax on Flagstaff house, no plan for Janelle to build a house on vacant land

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has always had problems with his four wives. Well, one of the main problems between Kody and his wives was houses. Kody’s marriage was on the verge of collapse only because of the row over the house. And once again the star has come under real estate tax. It was recently revealed that Kody and Robyn Brown owe high property tax with additional interest. Know-how and how much below.

Sisters: Kody and Robyn owe $ 1,000 in taxes on their Flagstaff home

Kody Brown, along with his sister wives, has always been concerned about their homes and lands. Kodys all four women live in separate houses. Indeed, more of the house, more of the chaos. The Sun reported that Kody Brown owes $ 1,058.31 in property taxes, including interest, on the Flagstaff, Arizona house that he shares with his wife, Robyn. The family was unable to build a house that they bought in 2018. And so, in August 2019, she bought a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home valued at $ 890,000.

According to the Arizona court, Kody failed to pay two tax bills for the house. Lately, the massive house Kody and Robyn bought almost led them to divorce. Robyn was unwilling to buy the house as she feared it would delay the construction of the house on the property purchased in 2018. But Kody wanted to buy the house. And in order to get his wife to agree to the plan, the star threatened to dissolve the marriage. Robyn knew she had no escape. So she finally agreed and bought the house with Kody. The high property tax is now burdening Kody and Robyn because of the family’s financial difficulties.

Sister wives: Brown family struggles for life in four separate houses

The Brown family has been through a lot lately. Kody’s sisters do not seem to agree with the other ideas. And in all this chaos, Kody suffers the most. He is expected to be on the same side as all four equally. And that is the most difficult task of all. Kody has to build four more houses on Coyote Pass together with Meri, Jenelle, Christine and Robyn. Jenelle worries about family dynamics. And Robyn feels that her sisters are acting like separate families. Meanwhile, Christine wants to fly back to Utah. In fact, everyone has their own reason for living apart from one another.

Sister wives

Kody sold four homes in Las Vegas. However, the star made it clear that even though they sold homes in Las Vegas, they are still grappling with financial problems. Meri is now renting a four bedroom, four bathroom home for $ 4,500 a month. Kody, on the other hand, bought a home for Christine for $ 520,000

. According to the Guarantee Deed, Kody is the Grantor and Christine is the Grantee. In fact, she buys Kody’s house for $ 10. And the ranch home Janelle rented went on sale May 22nd for $ 699,000. Let’s see what Sister Wives and other Brown members do next.

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