Letter to the editor: Transparency required when considering a possible relocation of the hospital | Letters

Letter to Mayor and Council:

There has been much discussion in the community this summer about the planned move of the hospital to the southern edge of the Flagstaff city limits. This is a major development issue that affects much of the population of Flagstaff and the character of our community, both directly and indirectly.

Two main issues deserve broad public opinion before decisions about the hospital move are made:

What positive and negative effects does moving the hospital from a central location in the city to a location on the outskirts have for the community? And what happens to the current hospital compound on North Beaver Street? Both issues have enormous implications for the community as a whole and deserve careful consideration.

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, on behalf of our hundreds of members, urges the council to ensure a transparent review process that includes solid contribution from the community. The many questions to be answered include:

– What options, limitations and disadvantages are there for the community?

– What are the implications for the city’s commitment to sustainability, smart growth and climate resilience?

– What is the plan for the current hospital location and how does it fit in with our regional plan?

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