The backbone of the South Arizona Community Food Bank – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-05-20 10:02:34 –

Tucson, Arizona – “Food banks can’t survive without volunteers,” said Rick Worth, food bank volunteer.

Rick and Jody Werth have been volunteering at the Community Food Bank in southern Arizona for the past five years. Wealth was front and center as much of the changes the food bank experienced during the pandemic were on watch.

“And now we have a much more sophisticated way of delivering a lot of high quality food, and it’s the process of how we can continue the food bank’s mission and bring people good food. That’s only part of it, ”said Werth.

Right now, food banks have an average of around £ 105 in groceries per car, Werth says. Thank you to the volunteers who came forward at a very important time.

“As you know, there is a community here in the food bank. We leave a little house here and come back, and as you know we are torn between two places. That’s a good thing, ”said Werth.

Worth is Iowa’s Snowbirds. When they go back and forth between states, they never miss a step in volunteering.

“It means we can give back as we can. It’s a good balance for us to be able to call Tucson and join, ”says Werth.

The well-oiled products behind the grocery boxes are the food bank staff and volunteers always looking for more.

“Serving so many people. I see 50 volunteers a day in just four and a half hours. And you know anyone can do something, ”said Worth. I did.

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The Backbone of the South Arizona Community Food Bank Source Link The backbone of the South Arizona Community Food Bank

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