Tucson Dealership Opens Auto-ADAS Calibration Center

AirPro Diagnostics and Car ADAS Solutions announced that a Tucson-based subsidiary of O’Rilly Chevrolet will open an ADAS calibration center, Tucson ADAS Calibration Center, LLC (TACC) to serve the Tucson and southern Arizona markets.

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“We welcome TACC to the Car ADAS Solutions family of industry-leading calibration centers,” said Greg Peeters, Founder and CEO of Car ADAS. “Protecting lives through the precise calibration of advanced driver assistance systems is the mission of Car ADAS and in partnership with AirPro Diagnostics we look forward to working with the TACC team to deliver safe and complete calibrations to all valued customers. Our patent-pending process of training, implementation, validation, documentation and support, so that only the specific OEM requirements were met for each individual calibration, is the highly disciplined approach of Car ADAS. “

O’Relly Chevrolet President and General Manager Rob Draper added, “Taking the lead in Tucson is what O’Rielly Chevrolet is about. We are happy to start TACC and to be part of the partnership with AirPro Diagnostics and Car ADAS Solutions. O’Rilly Chevrolet has pioneered auto sales, service, and crash repair for over 97 years and now provides ADAS calibration services in southern Arizona through TACC. We carried out a comprehensive due diligence and opted for the most comprehensive and efficient solution on the market today. “

“We have been training in ADAS calibrations for more than two years,” said Brian Guerrero, General Manager of TACC. “We were looking for a more robust and comprehensive solution than we have seen on the market before. The more I learned about this area – the OE requirements for every single calibration, from setting up our workshop environment to reviewing wheel alignment and driving tests to ensure that each vehicle’s dynamic systems are tested and operational – the easier it became Decision Make progress with AirPro diagnostic and Auto ADAS solutions. Our stand-alone calibration facility will be the first of its kind in southern Arizona. “

Eric Newell, Executive Vice President of AirPro Diagnostics, said, “We worked with Brian and his team to develop an end-to-end solution for diagnostics and calibration. This has made TACC the leading calibration expert in southern Arizona. I look forward to visiting the new center as soon as it goes into operation on June 14, 2021. ”

The scan tool and service from AirPro Diagnostics meet the strict requirements of the vehicle manufacturer by having OEM-based software and scan tool hardware resident or locally in the vehicle. ORION, AirPro’s cloud-based diagnostic management system, is the hub through which all services are provided as part of the company’s “10-Minute Response Pledge”. AirPro Diagnostics is backed by a team of uniquely qualified diagnostic brand specialists who provide reliable, efficient and accurate scanning, diagnostic and calibration solutions using OEM software that meets the highest quality and safety standards. For more information, call (904) 717-1711 or visit airprodiagnostics.com.

Car ADAS Solutions is the leading solution in vehicle security system recalibration, providing a turnkey business opportunity for those looking to maintain their existing repair fleet or open a retail calibration center. Auto ADAS exists to protect lives through the precise calibration of advanced vehicle driver assistance systems. Through its national training center in Salt Lake City, Utah, Car ADAS Solutions provides comprehensive employee training ranging from technicians and appraisers to management, while providing the equipment required for calibration, launch assistance, quality control and a network of highly qualified ADAS technicians Available experts support. Car ADAS Solutions, in collaboration with AirPro Diagnostics, enables workshops to be equipped with all the expertise they need to become calibration specialists.

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