Emaciated Great Dane saved from neglect; Phoenix wife arrested


Rachel Ussery-Welch was arrested in connection with a case of animal cruelty in Phoenix.

One woman was arrested in connection with “one of the worst hoarding scenes”. Arizona Human Society investigators say they have seen this year so far.

AHS says their investigators along with Phoenix Police responded to a case involving several abandoned animals on April 18.

According to the AHS, a 3-year-old Great Dane named Pandora was found locked in a box with no food or water and weighed just 57 pounds.

“For her age and race, she should weigh twice as much,” the humane society said in a May 11 statement.

Four dogs, a cat, two chickens and six reptiles were found living in deplorable conditions. Fifteen other pets were found dead on the property.

According to official sources, Pandora suffered from dehydration, multiple wounds, an ear infection, hookworms and poor coat.

After being admitted to AHS, Pandora gained 10 pounds in 10 days and requires ongoing medical attention.

Great Dane ahs

The other dogs and cats rescued from the house are being treated by AHS. The chickens and reptiles are cared for by the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

On April 19, Rachel was Ussery-Welch arrested and is accused of cruelty to animals.

To report animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect, call your local Police Department or AHS at 602-997-7585. 2073.

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